Mold Remediation

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What is mold?

While it originally grows on plants and animal matter, mold is a microscopic organism that helps in the decaying process of all sorts of dead materials (like wood, drywall and carpeting). Mold spreads through air and water and its spores can be toxic.

Should I be concerned about mold?

Mold can not only damage your property, it can also cause health problems in some people. While reactions to allergens can vary greatly from person to person, breathing mold spores usually causes allergic responses like hay fever and asthma.

What are the common symptoms of mold exposure?

  • Allergy and skin irritation.
  • Nasal congestion and respiratory problems.
  • Eye irritation and headaches.
  • Cough and throat irritation

Should I have my home tested for mold?

Yes. A company specialized in mold remediation will determine if the mold spores in your property are toxic and help you eliminate the source of the problem. And since killing mold with disinfectants doesn’t prevent allergic responses, calling a mold remediation expert is your best choice.